Rose hip seed oil is a pressed seed oil, extracted from the seeds of the wild rose bush.
There are so many benefits of using this amazing oil.
This oil is full of vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids that can do wonderfull things to your face.
This oil protect skin from anti-ageing, effects of the harsh weather, heal scars, burns, rashes and even fade away the stretch marks.
It also act as a natural moisturiser which help to sooth dry skin condition, minimize the apperance of the fine lines and slow down ageing process.
And Improves skin tone and elasticity.

This brand AROMATIQUE is an authentic seller of all the essential oils, and sell 100% quality stuff on
They take a good care of packaging, so the oil does’nt leak even in tranaction.
As it is nicely packed in a cute little cardboard box and is safely deliver to the customer.
The oil comes in a glass bottle with a safety lid and cap, so that oil wont leak.
Apart from that, service is quick
You get your product deliver before the expected given date.
Coming to the oil, its a coldpressed essential oil, in its pure state and is highly concentrated, so it is to be mixed with carrier oil.
I always use it with olive oil and the results are always amazing.
I dilute it with olive oil and use it during night time for its maximum benefit, and have seen a good difference in my skin.
I used to had allot of acne blemishes, which are fading away slowly.
Shelf life is 24 months from the date of packaging.
And it cost Rs 499/-
A trusted brand.
Highly Recommend it to all.



Bonsoul silk protein hydrating and moisturising facial mask is an outstanding product.
It has all natural Active ingredient of silk protein and aloevera.
Ideal for Dry to Normal skin.
This Mask is paraben and sulphate free.
Makes the skin smooth and glowey for longer hours.
Its very easy to use.
Comes in a very Attractive packaging.
Its shelf life is 24 months from the date of packaging.
Price Rs 129/-

My Experience
Last night i used this silk protein hydrating and moisturising facial mask from bonsoul and was quite amazed with the result.
My skin became softer and smoother.
Its actually Very refreshing and super hydrating.
It gave a sheer glow on my face.
I didn’t felt any need to apply moisturiser, as my skin got enough moisturised.
Even though i applied the mask loaded fully in serum,
there was more serum left in the packet, which i massaged on my hands and feet.
I swear by the quality.
Highly recommend it to all, Do give it a try.


I love collecting eyeshadow pallets and recently bought this nyx cosmic metal eyeshadow pallet and i am loving it.
Gives a matellic finish.
Very easy to apply.
Super pigmented.
Gives a subtle look.
Have 6 versatile and edgy neutrals in the tone of gold,plum and mauve.
Highly affordable, compare to other brand eyeshadow pallets.
Highly recommended
Go grab urs as its on 10% discount at nykaa.


Moisturising is the cornerstone of good skin care, Its an essential regimen to follow for all skin types.
Moisturising skin daily 2 times hardly takes 10 to 15 mins, and you get a healthy and hydrated skin all day long.
Moisturasition add important vitamins and nutrients to the skin and enhance its function as well, so every skin type benefits from them.

Few days back i tried this moisturiser from @organia91 and trust me i loved it.
Its an all natural hydrating moisturiser in Autumn.
The packaging is nice white coloured flip bottle, easy to use and travel friendly.
With all the natural ingredients like olive oil, shea butter, glycerine, and natural fragrance.
Fragrance is soft and soothing.
Coming to the moisturiser, it work wonder on skin leaving it super soft and hydrated all day long.
It cost Rs 250 for 200 ml pack and is currently available at


Launched in the year 2015 Owned by Rabab fatima, from kannauj uttar pradesh, The place famous for its Roses. Her entire family is into Attar business. Her mission is to provide highest quality aromatic tresures, And guard the family secret of perfume oil(Attar). I recieved this @zofla herbal facepack and Rose water few dayz back and i really loved it. Packaging is quite sturdy I have used Zofla herbal facepack few times and want to share my views on it. First of all its an organic product and is free from all harmful chemicals. Parabens and sulphate free which is why it wont be harsh on skin. Work well on skin. Hydrates the skin and makes it soft. I use it with rose water. The quantity of the product is good enough. It comes in a powdered form and is easy to apply. Price is Reasonable. Coming up to the Rosewater I also use @zofla Rose water as a mist to freshen up myself and trust me it makes me feel fresh and hydrated all day long. I highly recommend it to all A must buy and a quality products from an amazing brand.




See your skin bounce back to healthy radiance with the Seer Secrets Aloe Vera & Guduchi Hydrating & Retexturing Facial Serum. Our facial serum is enriched with extracts of Aloe Vera & Guduchi which helps in giving you a flawless, pimple free, clear & glowing skin. Guduchi has anti-aging properties and makes the skin healthy while aloe Vera on the other hands helps in soothing sun burn, accelerates would healing, fight signs of aging, reduces acne, lightens blemishes and provides hydration to the skin making it supple and soft. It works as a natural Exfoliant which exfoliates at micro level. It contains Sugarcane extract which has high intensity of Glycolic acid helping is exfoliation and giving a retexture to the skin. This is an oil free serum light enough to be applies multiple times a day and will be your perfect night regimen. Mild tingling can be experienced while using the product.


Currently i am using @seersecrets Aloevera and gudduchi hydrating and retexturing facial serum, During my night time regimen and i am loving it like anything.

Its a thick colourless serum which moisturise, and Repair the skin at night making it smooth and flawless in the morning.

The unique combination of aloevera  and guduchi works like a miracle on my skin.

The serum is super absorbing.

It removes tan, and acne blemishes like a pro.

Ever since i started using it i can see a clear difference in my skin.

It has a little tingling sensation but still i am okay with it.


It cost around Rs 400/-

A must try product.


I have been using @vedantikaherbals Glow pack (skin polishing scrub and Instant glow mask) from few months, and i am absolutely loving this combo.

Its my holy grail for an instant glow.

Everytime i use this combo i fell for it more and more.

First of all its all natural and chemical free product.

And the results are visible with every use.

The skin polishing scrub exfoliate the skin pretty well making it baby soft, removing all dirt, impurities and dead skin at a go.

Where else The Instant glow mask gives a radiant sheer glow in just one time use.

Trust me i have stopped using chemical loaded facial kits and started using vedantika herbals skin polishing scrub and Instant glow mask Insted.

The price for this Amazing combo is Just Rs 500/-  which is absolutely reasonable.

I highly recommend it to all.


 Satthwa premium oil is paraben free.

It has a goodness of 9 beneficial oils such as almond, castor, coconut, grapeseed, emu, amla, jojoba, vitamin e, and olive oil.

This oil claims to 

Slow premature greying.

Promotes hair growth.

Prevent dandruff.


Stops hairfall.

Its been a month i am using @satthwa premium hair oil, twice a week and i have seen a difference in my hair fall problem.

It has minimize to the core, and even my hair have become quite long and strong.

Which means it stay true to its claim.

Price of the oil is Rs 599/- for 100ml

This oil worked well for my hairfall problem, so i highly recommend it to all.

Do give it a try.




Fabeya offers an entire range of personal care products to keep skin, hair and body nourished with nature’s most preserved herbs and essence.

Fabeya strongly feels a natural beauty like you should be maintained, Restored, and taken care by natural products only.

All our products are natural and chemical free, and prove to be highly effective with regular and dedicated use.


Use small dallop in a cricular motion with finger tips and massage on the skin.

Rinse off with warm water within 5 mins.


Ever since i started using fabeya shea butter body scrub and polish i am loving it more and more.

The tiny walnut particles exfoliate the skin pretty well and the shea butter moisturise and nourishes the skin,Making its soft and hydrated all day long…no need to apply extra moisturiser.

Packaging wise its not that fancy but i assure you its travel friendly.

It Smells good 

Its Free from chemicals, parabens, sulphate, alcohol, artificial colours.

Quality and quantity wise this product deserve 5 star rating.

It cost Rs 349 for 340 ml 



Established in 1997, NCL Agro foods (vedantika Herbals) is a group of researchers and scientists headed by Shri N. C. Limbasiya. Shri N. C. Limbasiya, a food technologist and a well known name in Gujarat, is also an advisory board member of medicinal plant and preservation board of Saurashtra university. He is doing research in natural foods, food preservation, food based supplements, herbs and its effects on the human body for the last 16 years. He has successfully developed 65 innovative products in this period. The outcome of his research is substantially devoid of all possible chemical preservatives and synthetic colours.

A time-tasted formula made with Precious Ayurvedic Herbs Nuts & pulses. It helps to minimize scars, black heads, patches and blemishes. In India it is a ritual to apply this pack before marriage ceremony. It provides a natural radiant glow.


Application – Make a paste by soaking required amount of Ubtan in milk for 10 minutes. Gently rub o clean and wet parts of the body for 5-10 minutes in circular movement. Wash off with normal water.

I love pampering my skin with natural and organic products.

Recently tried my hands on this amazing Ubton from vedantika herbals,and i loved how it change the skin texture in just one application.

It makes skin glowey and soft.

It is Packed and loaded with goodness of all natural ingredients

Like gramflour, Redlentils, Almonds, Camphor, Ambahaldi, Neem, Rosepetals and Orangepeels.

It is very hydrating, Affordable and travel friendly.

And the best thing is,It is not like other ubton which leaves skin yellow even after washing face like 100 times.

It cost Rs 25/-